Fitbit Luxe Fitness and Wellness Tracker

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  • See how jewelry gets smart with a tracker that doubles as a timeless accessory and features a vibrant color display
  • Get better sleep to power your days with sleep tracking and sleep Score in the Fitbit app
  • Feel a Buzz when you reach your target heart rate zones, while you earn active zone minutes
  • 6-month trial of Fitbit Premium(New and returning Premium members only. Must activate trial within 60-days of device activation. Requires valid payment method.Content and features may change. Terms & Conditions apply)
  • Maximize your exercise, understand resting heart rate trends and better estimate calorie burn with 24/7 heart rate tracking
  • Tune in to your body with health metrics like breathing rate, heart rate variability and more (in-app only)
  • Enjoy up to 5 days of battery without having to stop for a charge (varies with use and other factors)
  • Connect Luxe to your phone’s GPS & see real-time pace and distance on your wrist

Fitbit Luxe Fitness and Wellness Tracker with Stress Management, Sleep Tracking and 24/7 Heart Rate, Black/Graphite, One Size

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Meet Fitbit Luxe-a fashion-forward fitness & wellness tracker with the motivation to give your body and mind the healthy boost it deserves. A chic bracelet design, on-wrist tracking and a 6-month Fitbit Premium trial for new and returning premium users make Luxe the must-have wardrobe essential. From tracking sleep and activity to giving your mind a much-needed moment of calm, Luxe shines a light on your beauty, outside and in. Fitbit is part of the Google family. Requires use of Fitbit app with compatible iPhone or Android devices. A Google account will be required.

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Weight 0.92 lbs
Dimensions 0.69 × 0.4 in

‎ English

Product Dimensions

‎ 1.43 x 0.69 x 0.4 inches; 0.92 Ounces

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1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)


43211511 (Wearable computing devices) Report an incorrect code

Date First Available

‎ April 16, 2021



Country of Origin

‎ Malaysia


‎ Fitbit Inc, Fitbit

10 reviews for Fitbit Luxe Fitness and Wellness Tracker

  1. Miriam

    I have been a Fitbit wearer for many years. I love them, but they do malfunction and I highly recommend the additional insurance offered by Amazon. I have replaced my Fitbit multiple times using the insurance. It’s super simple to make a claim.

  2. Eduardo Miguel Díaz Murillo

    Practico y cómodo
    Ideal para monitorear tu métricas de salud. Se sincroniza sin problema con la aplicación. La batería dura bastante y se nota que los materiales son de excelente calidad.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Very smart fitbit
    I am a Fitbit fan. This Fitbit is a replacement for my first one that lasted for about 5 years. The luxe Fitbit is very slim and neat looking on my wrist. It has a much longer battery life than my first Fitbit. I use it not just for knowing the time, but for measuring my steps on a daily basis, indicating when messages and calls have reached my phone, and monitoring my sleep. I highly recommend this model. I had to replace the strap on my previous Fitbit a few times and expect I will have to do so with this one but that is not a problem. The straps are easy to buy and to fit onto the Fitbit

  4. Kelliar

    Most important (to me, anyway): the heart rate monitor is actually somewhat accurate!! I’ve been trying and failing for years to find an accurate heart rate monitor that can be worn on my wrist and not around my chest. This is the first I’ve found that actually performs well not only while sitting around but also while working out!! I’ve done weight training, HIIT workouts, hiking and treadmill workouts and it’s worked pretty good during all of them. Now it’s not *as* accurate as a chest strap, so don’t have your expectations set to expect perfection, but it’s still much better than previous wrist models. It also works great for step tracking.The last watch I tried was the Fitbit charge 4 and it seemed accurate while doing nothing, but not at all while working out. See my attached workout comparison. It was so frustrating doing a really intense workout and seeing it display my heart rate at 100 (which is about what my heart rate is while brushing my teeth). When I knew from manual readings it was closer to 160. Even when on the treadmill with my wrist not flexing at all, the Charge couldn’t figure out my heart rate. I am very happy to have finally found a watch that can finally track my workouts!!Your steps will be tracked even if your hands are resting on the treadmill bar or on a shopping cart, etc. Your wrist just needs to have a little motion for it to register the steps. So, if you’re resting your forearms on the cart or treadmill, it will NOT count the steps because your wrist is not moving with each step while in that position. But holding the bar with your hands will work just fine.The screen is small, but extremely crisp and clear and easy to read. However, it has some software issues. Either moving your wrist or double tapping the screen is supposed to turn the watch face on. Twisting your wrist does work pretty reliably to turn it on. Double tapping does not. If the watch has been “asleep” for awhile and I try to double tap it it can take anywhere from 20-50 taps to get it to turn on. That’s a LONG time. And when I put it in sleep mode for the night (so the watch face doesn’t turn on while I’m moving around in my sleep), it can be very difficult to get it to turn on in the morning to be able to turn sleep mode off. A bit frustrating. But sometimes it does the opposite. Like this morning it was still in sleep mode but I turned my wrist and the screen turned on (it’s not supposed to and usually doesn’t!). And sometimes when the screen turns on even from just a wrist movement, it just starts to go crazy and will be scrolling up and down and pressing buttons and vibrating like crazy like some sort of poltergeist is messing with me. Trying to press the screen and stop it does nothing. It takes it a few minutes to calm down and stop doing this, but so far it always does eventually stop and will start working normally again once I’ve let it exorcise its demons.A couple other things to note:-This has no altimeter and it will not tell you how many flights you’ve gone up. Somewhat disappointing, since I found that interesting as we live by the mountains and hike a lot. But it’s more important to me that the heart rate works accurately (which it does) so this isn’t a deal breaker for me-There is no on-board gps, you’ll need to have your phone on you to use for gps tracking if you want it. I always have my phone on me when I’m out anyway in case of emergency so for me, again, not a deal breaker.-The battery lasted me about 6.5 days. I was using it constantly during this time, so I am quite impressed with how long it went before needing a recharge.-When you are on the “home” screen, it shows the time and below it will be switching between showing you your basic daily info (heart rate, steps, active minutes,etc). If you manually tap the screen while on this, you can manually switch to see whichever of those you want to see below the time. So in the morning I tap my screen until I see my heart rate is below the time and then it remembers that that’s what I want to see and the next time I flip my wrist it is still showing my heart rate. You can set it to whichever you like though, like if you want to always see your step count then just tap it until it’s below the time and it’ll show you that next time you flip your wrist. It does “forget” after awhile sometimes, but it’s easy to set it again and overall it works pretty well.As usual, the straps are removable/interchangeable. So you can put on prettier bands or extensions or what have you. I personally like the feel of the soft, silicone wristbands so I’m leaving mine as is. I have a pretty small wrist (about 5.5”) and the back of the watch makes excellent contact with my skin and my bones don’t get in the way to interfere with readings or get bruised. It’s quite comfortable even wearing it all day and night (I’ve only taken it off to shower).I love the fitbit app. It’s easy to use and navigate. And the 6 months of free premium (normally costs 9.99 a month) you get with this too is nice, I find it interesting to see my sleep stats each morning. Stats like breathing rate, skin temperature, and heart rate variability are included with premium. This watch DOES have an SpO2 monitor but as of now it has not been activated on the luxe so you can’t get readings from that yet. Not sure when that will be available it doesn’t specify yet.Overall, despite the software bugs/screen turning on issues, I really am happy with how well this works for heart rate tracking (especially while workout out!). If you’re willing to have a little patience with it and deal with these small annoyances (hopefully there will be an update to fix these problems eventually), I still think it’s well worth it for the heart rate tracking alone. Hope this helps you make a more informed decision!UPDATE: More issues keep coming up. The screen keeps freezing on a black screen with just navigation dots at the top and no amount of tapping or twisting or charging will get you off this black screen. I do not see a way to do a manual reset (there is a reset under settings on the watch but when the watch is non-responsive you of course can’t get to it) I figured out that you can then go to the Fitbit app and change your watch face selection. This will update the watch and make it start functioning again. Then you can switch back to the watch face of your choice. This has been happening once or twice a day now and seems to be happening more often. Not a good sign.Also several times I’ve noticed when it looks like the watch is working it’s not actually counting my steps. It was frozen at 9993 steps last night and I walked around the house for 5 minutes and it was still at 9993. I sat down for 10 minutes and tried again and it finally went up to 9996. But it clearly was still experiencing a major delay and the step number did not catch up to all those steps I know I got during those 5 minutes. It’s possible this has been happening frequently but I rarely check my steps until the end of the day so I really can’t say for sure. I have to deduct another star until they get some of these issues fixed. They are becoming more than just a slight annoyance at this point. I am still holding out hope for an update to fix at least some of these problems before my return window is closed.2ND UPDATE: They released an update today (July 23rd)! I installed the update through the app on my phone and the app kept giving me an error – telling me there was a problem with the update and it couldn’t complete, but on my watch it said the update was complete. So I completely shut down the app and restarted and now it says my watch is updated, so hopefully that’s true. Just add it to the list folks. I can’t find any information anywhere about what this update contained, but I’m hopeful anyway. I’ll update in a week as to whether or not it’s helping with the issues I’ve been experiencing.3rd UPDATE: It’s been just over a week and I don’t think the update did much of anything. Still locked up again yesterday, but I’ve found after about 30 minutes or so it will usually fix itself. And I think it’s still monitoring heart rate and steps decently well while the watch itself may seem unresponsive. I find myself checking it less and less through the day so I don’t have to deal with the issues as much. I mainly just look at my stats each morning and at the end of the day on the app. I think I’m going to keep it despite the ongoing issues as I do enjoy comparing my daily results and looking at my sleep stats every morning.

  5. Ron

    I really like the watch it’s sleek, and yet without my glasses, I can see everything. I primarily use it for steps, sleep, heart rate.The app is just one big commercial. Sell sell sell every time you open up the app they’re trying to sell you premium. Do you really need someone to say yay for $10 a month. Once I buy some thing it should be mine not ours. Terrible terrible app.

  6. Tara

    I’m a pretty casual user of my Fitbit and bought it on a whim, but have been pleasantly surprised by it. I absolutely love its sleep tracking feature. It seems to be quite accurate and keeps me honest about my sleep schedule, something I’ve been working on. I also appreciate the overall step tracking and the details it provides when I’m walking (distance, pace, heart rate, plus a little map of where I went).However, a couple things about it are just really unnecessary and obnoxious.One is that I don’t use notifications, but it won’t let me remove the “app”. So I always have to scroll past notifications to start my activity. This is even more annoying for me because if I’m starting an activity, I pretty much am guaranteed not to have my reading glasses handy so the whole thing is already blurry to start. There are other apps I can’t remove too even though I don’t use them, but that’s the most annoying one because it is first in the list when you scroll through the apps.Second is that the mindfulness tracking only allows you to use their guided sessions (most of which are part of the premium package). I meditate unguided and would love to just be able to track the sessions/time, but no, can’t do that. Seriously? I track it instead as the activity “Golf”, but it’s not the same, and it annoys me that Fitbit would be so prescriptive. It seems there’s a lot of annoyed users according to a thread I found, so I’m not alone on this one.I also just find the app super unintuitive when updating any sort of setting. I pretty much had to Google how to accomplish most things (or to find out that I couldn’t do what I wanted to do).Still, overall I do really like the device, but some easy fixes would have really removed a lot of frustration.

  7. Shelly

    This product is easy to use. The description is accurate, and setup is easy. It lets you know when it is time to charge, roughly once a week, and it is very easy to hook it up and charge.

  8. Sherryd

    Love how it breaks down the different levels of my sleep. But I believe some of the “light sleep”, I’m really actually awake.

  9. Aimee Hocker

    Great, helpful health tracking data at a comfortable price.

  10. Christine Anderson

    I love that it tracks my sleep and spo2, with that being said. They plastic band over time becomes very irritating to the skin. Needs to have a different band.

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