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  • Xiaomi is One Step Ahead: #1 Wearable brand in the world. New Mi Band 7 is another big step forward.
  • 1.62″ AMOLED Display, High Res 192×490 and up to 500 nits brightness. Big improvements upon Mi Band 6: 1.52″, 152×486 and 450 nits.
  • 120 fitness modes vs 30 fitness modes on Mi Band 6! Battery capacity incresed from 125mAh on Mi Band 6 to now 180 mAh. Charging time about 2 hours. 15 day battery life. Easily charge with magnetic snap on charger for your on-the-go lifestyle.
  • New Blood Oxygen Sensor + 24Hr Heart Rate Monitoring. Track 120 Different Activities.
  • Improved sensor technology and Bluetooth 5.2.
  • Many more other features: Stopwatch/Alarm clock/Timer/Find my phone/Phone unlock/Event reminder/Do not disturb mode/lock screen/music control on band/Easily charged with magnetic charging pins/Remote control the photo camera/Female health monitor /Blood Oxygen and more

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Activity Tracker High-Res 1.62″ AMOLED Screen, Bluetooth 5.2, 120 Sports Modes, Optical Heart Rate and Blood

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From the brand

Product Description

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 – Step up your game

xiaomi band 7

Xiaomi’s only designated official authentic store: (Xiaomi US), other stores are fake

xiaomi band 7

xiaomi band 7

New band faces, new attitudes

100+ Dynamic Band Faces

With more advanced graphic rendering and smoother animation effects, both the exclusive dynamic band faces and the customlized ones become superior. Your favorite from your album is always on for you with AOD always-on mode.

xiaomi band 7

Too magnificent to miss

1.62” AMOLED Display

The magnificent large AMOLED display debuts on your wrist, making it easy for you to read and control. Everything is presented in detail at high resolution. Even better, thanks to always-on mode, you can read date and time without lifting your wrist or using your fingers.

The views are better

The Advanced UI designs

Every UI interface has been redesigned and improved with the key information and numbers stand out to you. In brief, the interfaces are clearer and easier.

xiaomi band 7

No Loose end on Your Health

All-day SpO₂ monitoring

Blood oxygen saturation (SpO₂) is a key indicator of a person’s overall health, reflecting the oxygen levels in the blood. Xiaomi Smart Band 7 band will vibrate to alert you if your blood oxygen level is too low (<90%) to protect you from potential health risks. *

All-day heart rate monitoring

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 tracks your real time heart rate all day long and delivers precise reviews in easy-to-read graphs. The band will vibrate to alert when your heart rates fall out of the safe zone.*

Sleep Quality Tracking

The band monitors your sleep patterns with care and accuracy. You can find detail statistics regarding deep sleep, light sleep and REM* phase on your smartphone to help you understand your sleep quality.

xiaomi band 7

Answers to daily exercise concerns

Wondering how your workout works out for you?Check “Training effect ” to find out the ratings for your Aerobic and/or Anaerobic exercise.

More options, more motives

Supports 110+ Sports Modes

A wide varity of sports modes help you keep a track of the burned calories, heart rate changes, and workout durations.

Going to the water with you

5ATM water resistance*

Support pool swimming, snorkeling, and intelligent recognition of the 4 common swimming styles.

Important information

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Weight 3.17 lbs
Dimensions 3.94 × 0.79 × 0.2 in
Product Dimensions

3.94 x 0.79 x 0.2 inches

Item Weight

3.17 ounces



Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)


IOS 10

Connectivity technologies


Special features

Sleep Monitor, Blood Oxygen Monitor, Activity Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor, Water Resistant

Display technology


Other display features


Human Interface Input




Battery Power Rating

180 Milliamp Hours

Whats in the box

Band Body, Band Strap, Dedicated Charging Cable, User Manual



Date First Available

June 1, 2022

Memory Storage Capacity

12 GB

Battery Capacity

180 Milliamp Hours


90 Grams


Anhui Huami Information Technology Co. Ltd

8 reviews for Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Activity Tracker

  1. Fabiano

    Realmente muito útil e com boa relação custo benefício
    Eu tinha uma certa resistência a esse tipo de acessório, porém com o início de um programa de treinamento me recomendaram e resolvi fazer o teste, me espantei com a versatilidade do relógio, o monitoramento do sono é muito interessante, a calibração dos exercícios de caminhada, corrida e pedalada ajudam no aprimoramento da precisão, a personalização do mostrador e das funções é simples e intuitiva, o aplicativo é bastante completo, traz muitas informações e de fácil visualização e compreensão, inclusive com textos explicativos, a definição e brilho da tela são muito bons, já a bateria não dura tanto quando fica conectado ao celular em tempo integral ou com a tela ligada ou programada para ligar quando vira o pulso. Recomendo a Mi Band 7 sem receito.

  2. Chad Gilbert

    I own quite a collection of smartwatches, many of them more expensive than the Xiaomi Mi Band 7. However, I find myself consistently reaching for this budget-friendly option. I initially bought it for work, thinking it would be a sturdy, affordable option I wouldn’t have to worry about damaging. What I didn’t expect was how quickly it would become my go-to watch! Here’s why:Pros:Affordable Price: The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 comes at a fraction of the price of other smartwatches, making it an excellent value-for-money proposition.High-Res AMOLED Screen: The 1.62″ screen is vibrant, clear, and easy to read. The fact that this quality display is available at this price point is impressive.Long Battery Life: I can’t stress enough how pleased I am with the battery life. It lasts over two weeks on a single charge! It’s a refreshing change from having to charge a watch every night.Durable Build: It’s built to last, and it stands up well to everyday wear and tear. It’s perfect for work environments where it might get knocked around.Bluetooth 5.2 Connectivity: Seamless connectivity ensures that notifications and updates come through quickly and without any hiccups.Full Range of Features: The activity tracking, sleep monitoring, and other health-related features are all useful and perform well for a device at this price point.Stylish and Comfortable: Despite its budget price, it doesn’t look or feel cheap. It’s comfortable to wear all day, and its sleek design fits well with various outfits.Cons:Honestly, considering its price, it’s hard to find any real drawbacks.Conclusion:The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 is a remarkable smartwatch that combines affordability, functionality, and style. Its long-lasting battery, high-resolution display, and robust feature set make it stand out in the crowded market of budget smartwatches. Whether you’re looking for a reliable work watch or just an everyday activity tracker, this little gem is worth every penny. It’s become my go-to watch, and I can’t recommend it enough!

  3. Alvaro

    Un producto para todo, una pulsera que se olvida que la llevas puesta. No pesa apenas en la muñeca, y siempre está disponible. La medición de pasos es muy real y el ejercicio lo suele detectar con facilidad. Resiste muy bien el agua (piscina y ducha), el polvo, golpes y arañazos sin protector. La correa es de goma lo que facilita la limpieza aunque hay situaciones en las que da algo de calor. Las funciones son muy completas, aunque a veces (muy pocas veces) tienes que entrar en la app para que se sincronice, lo normal es que lo haga automaticamente. La bateria dura 3-4 dias. La app es muy intuitiva y fácil de usar.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Really good fitness band
    I really like this fitness band, it is lightweight and not too bulky on my wrist, and I have very small wrists.I had a few problems linking band to my phone, as suggested by someone on another review I tried Zepp life app and still no joy but after investigating problem on line (I was on verge of reluctantly returning to Amazon) I reset band to factory settings and it bonded with my phone straight away.After that it was pretty plain sailing, managed to link my What’s App, weather and music. All a bonus as originally thought I would just use for counting steps. I would definitely recommend as step count seems very accurate.

  5. Mammu

    This fitness band is awesome!!! Quite surprising for the price, I actually labeled it a cheapo. I’ve been a Fitbit user for 7+ years now. My last Inspire gave up the ghost, I suspect from being used about 3x a week for tracking swim laps. I had ordered a replacement Fitbit, a Charge 5, that was taking forever to arrive, and their cust svc reps can’t tell me why the status keeps saying “processing”. As a side bar here, I’ve noticed that ever since Google bought Fitbit, svc there has tanked. Tracking was inaccurate, if at all.So I researched other swim trackers, and the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 was on all the lists as the cheapest yet most accurate swim tracker. However, it isn’t available anywhere anymore, so I bought the next step up, this Xiaomi Mi Band 7. I was very pleasantly surprised. The default clock face was very colorful like in the box and the ad on Amazon’s website. After charging, I scanned the QR code on the watch to download the Mi Fitness app–not to be confused with the Mi Fit app, which was replaced by Zepp Life. Reviews online said to download one or the other, I chose to download the Mi Fitness app. The tracker paired easily and quickly.The Mi Band 7 tracked my steps accurately, and only true steps. As opposed to ALL my other Fitbits that also “counted” my hand movements when I played keyboards as steps. It also tracked my swim laps accurately, even when I didn’t do flip turns. As opposed to ALL my other Fitbits that were usually off by several yards, usually counting less, especially when I didn’t do flip turms. My other Fitbits also took a while before starting to count laps, like I would be on my 8th or even 10th warmup breaststroke lap before it starts counting laps. Additionally, ALL my other Fitbits would “recognize” my ironing as swimming laps! Go figure! The only caveat I found that I wasn’t very happy with, was the difficulty stopping the tracker after I’m done with my swim: it’s very easy to turn it on and start it, but even after drying it thoroughly for a minute or two, the face was unresponsive to my taps that was trying to call up the screen that would allow me to stop the tracker from tracking. As a result, it told me I finished a normal 40-minute swim exercise in 1 hr 14 mins, coz that’s how long it took me to actually get it to stop.Appearance-wise, it has a pleasingly vibrant and colorful clock face that you can change. The choices were so many, it was hard to make up my mind! I uploaded one as a sample here. Even the apps and stats are colorful. If I had received my Fitbit Charge 5 by now, I could probably compare and see if Fitbit/Google improved their black-and-white clock face to a colorful one as well. The dashboard on the Mi Fitness app was easy to read. I’ll probably try using Zepp Life concurrently with the Mi Fitness app.Another thing I love about this tracker is that it detects whether I’ve been sitting or standing for a long time. It vibrates to tell me to Walk Around. My Fitbits never did that as well. Not sure if Xiaomi trackers have a mini gyroscope that tracks your positioning as well. I’ve played keyboards with this tracker, and it has NEVER counted my hand movements as steps.Another caveat: almost every other fitness and health app do not sync or pair with Mi Fitness. So I had to download MyFitnessPal & manually add my Mi Band 7 stats there. I use the Virgin Pulse health app coz it’s the preferred health app by my insurance that will be reimbursing me for the purchase of this Xiaomi tracker. Virgin Pulse does sync with MyFitnessPal. All you tracking and health apps out there, you should look to letting Xiaomi Mi Band users connect with you. It’s the best, most affordable, beautiful-looking tracker I’ve ever bought!! And at $49.99, who can beat that price?? It’s definitely got MORE value for the money, compared to Fitbit after it was bought by Google.Another note: I bought this to mainly use it for swimming; walking, some hiking, treadmill, yoga, weights are my other go-to exercises that I use my trackers for. This tracker does NOT have a GPS, and I’m not a runner. However, runners will also love this tracker coz it syncs with Strava. If you do long runs, though, and a GPS is an essential for you, I suggest the Xiaomi Smart Band Pro 7 that does have GPS plus all the other activity tracking stuff that my Mi Band 7 has. (My husband bought the Smart Band Pro 7, that’s how I know.)

  6. Arcangeli Blandine

    J’ai reçu la montre hier, je n’ai donc pas beaucoup de recule sur le produit, mais elle semble répondre à mes attentes: suivi du sommeil, cardiaque, stress, lecture des sms et réception des appels (vraiment pratique), petit + pour les exercices de respirations. La musique est également gerable depuis la montre (pratique quand on conduit pour passer les musiques) et testée lors d’une séance de sport. Pour l’instant je valide, je ne me prononce pas quant à la qualité sur le long terme (et le changement de fond d’écran avec photos perso est fort appréciable également).+ facile d’installation et démarrage (attention, il n’y a pas le francais sur la notice)

  7. Max Headroom

    Eleganter Fitness Tracker
    Grundsätzlich hat mir dieser elegante Tracker von Xiaomi schon recht gut gefallen. Die Funktionen sind sehr vielfältig, die Akkulaufzeit ist ebenfalls hervorragend und bei den vielen verschiedenen downloadbaren Watchfaces ist für jeden etwas dabei.Das eingebaute GPS benötigt bei Freizeitaktivitäten nicht unbedingt ein Smartphone. So werden alle Strecken genau aufgezeichnet.Zum synchronisieren braucht man jedoch dann mindestens einmal am Tage die App Xiaomi me. Im Grunde ist dies auch beim Start der App schnell geschehen. Alle relevanten Funktionen wie Trainings, Schlafdaten und Puls werden hier wiedergegeben.Die Daten lassen sich auch automatisch mit der iCloud von Apple synchronisieren.Was jedoch nicht 100-prozentig gut gelingt, ist das Schreiben der Daten in die Apple eigene Gesundheits App. Hier werden zwar Puls und die Trainings als separate Einträge gezeigt, jedoch nicht die Bewegungsdaten und Kilokalorien und Stehen in den Aktivitäts-Ringen angezeigt. Aus diesem einzigen Grund ist die App auch meines Erachtens nicht ganz ausgereift.Die Uhr ging leider wieder zurück.

  8. Hiva

    Overall, does what it’s supposed to do. The blood oxygen numbers can be a little off sometimes, but the trending generally reflects what’s happening. When it’s at its best, it’s consistently 2 percentage points lower than Apple Watch for whatever reason. The stress (basically dumbed down HRV) is very useful and quite accurate as far as I can tell. The sleep tracker was really accurate until the software update I did shortly after purchasing it – and unfortunately there appears to be no way to backgrade. But it’s still generally not too far off. It just has trouble noticing naps or daytime sleep now. Same issue with Apple Watch though. The workout tracker is a little annoying because there’s no way to do an outdoor walk without turning on GPS, so I have to use treadmill mode to avoid it, but it still estimates mileage and heart rate accurately during hikes. No idea if the step counter is accurate. I compared it against my phone’s internal pedometer and an Apple Watch, and they all varied by as much as 900 steps after a single hike. This one was the most generous BTW. As far as comfort, this one is light and non bulky, but the sensor kinda digs in a little and starts to hurt after a few hours – wears a bit of a raw area in the skin, so I have to move spots or switch wrists a couple times a day. Love the battery life though. Can wear it for days between chargings. Overall, would definitely recommend if you can’t afford one of the mega expensive ones (or just if you don’t need a particular feature it doesn’t have like ECG or body temp).

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