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Hands Free Dog Leash with Zipper Pouch

(10 customer reviews)


Product Dimensions68″L x 1″W
  • Removable Zipper Pouch: Easily store and access your smartphone, keys, poop bags, dog treats in the removable zipper pouch. It’s a good add-on for the leash for training, walking, jogging, hiking training and running
  • Double shock absorbers: Feature 2 shock-absorbers to help provide a bit of “give” in the leash. This can help reduce the amount of tugging both you and your dog will experience as you cruise down the road
  • Be safe and visible at night – Reflective threading keeps you both safe and visible on your late-evening runs. Enjoy a 2” heavy duty clip for added safety and handy D-ring to attach your favorite dog training clicker or dog poop bag holder.
  • 2 Extra handles for extra control: Easily guide your pup on your runs through the park with the built in waist handle. Then switch to the amazing traffic handle when you need tighter control of your pet.
  • Hand free waist wearing: Enjoy a waist dog running leash belt that lets you freely use your phone or read a newspaper without feeling restrained by your Dog’s movements
  • Length adjustable waist belt: The waist belt length is adjustable from minimal 27 inch to maximal 48 inch

iYoShop Hands Free Dog Leash with Zipper Pouch, Dual Padded Handles and Durable Bungee for Walking, Jogging and Running Your Dog (Large, 25-120 lbs, Black)

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Product Description

Product Specifications:

Length of Waist Belt: 27″ (Min) – 48″ (Max)

Length of Leash: 51″ (Min) – 68″ (Max)

Size Info:

Large: 1 Inch wide leash + Larger clasp for 25-120 LBS dogs

Medium: 3/4 Inch wide leash + Smaller clasp for 8-25 LBS dogs

Please Note that:

Waist Belt is exactly same specification for medium and large dog size


Retractable Hands Free Dog Leash with Dual Padded Handles and Durable Bungee for Medium Large Dogs

Retractable Hands Free Dog Leash with Dual Padded Handles and Durable Bungee for Medium and Large Dogs


Who We Are?

As a pet supply manufacturer, IYOSHOP PET has been providing high quality pet products. As a manufacturer, we control quality strictly and only use our own material to make high quality and safe pet products.

As a manufacturer, we sell products directly to our end customers.

Go unleashed Go Hands-free

Enjoy runs and walks without any hassle

Shock Absorbers

This hands-free leash features 2 shock-absorbers to help provide a bit of “give” in the leash. This can help reduce the amount of tugging both you and your dog will experience as you cruise down the road.

  • Includes three rows of reflective stitching to keep you visible in the dark
  • The leash slides around the waist via a metal clip, so your dog can run along either side
  • Bungee sections allow the leash to extend an additional 12 inches when necessary
  • Features two handles on the leash, giving you total control of your dog when you need it


D-Ring Buckle


Padded Handle

2 padded handle provides comfortability

Secured Double D-Rings

Double D-rings absorb the pull of your dog for long lasting performance

Sliding Clasp

Easier to attach dog leash to waist belt

Important information

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Weight9.6 lbs
Dimensions68 × 1 × 0.1 in
Product Dimensions

‎ 68 x 1 x 0.1 inches; 9.6 Ounces

Item model number



10111300 (Domestic pet treatments and accessories and equipment) Report an incorrect code

Date First Available

‎ June 11, 2019


‎ B07R56CBWX

Country of Origin



‎ iYoShop

10 reviews for Hands Free Dog Leash with Zipper Pouch

  1. Kayla

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     100% love this leash and the ability it gives you to move around and look, without losing sight of your dog. The hands free part is honestly the selling point, because when it’s 10 degrees outside I do not want to be tugging on my dog. My dog is a puller when he sees any kind of animal, and he loves to stray into others yards which I find rude lol, so this leash has kept those behaviors at bay. The pulling is much easier around your waist, and it’s not a terrible jerk either. The reflectiveness is a nice add!However, the bag it comes with is honestly too small. For the price point though, it’s not a deal breaker! I also don’t like having to put my dog in the car, buckle him, unclip the leash to keep it around my waist, and then repeat that process backwards when we get out somewhere. Not really a fault of this leash, but just an annoyance to getting my dog in and out of the car. I do wish it was a little bit longer to offer my dog the ability to explore, but the shortness also works to it’s advantage when on hikes and things. Definitely depends on your planned usage!Otherwise, this leash really is 5 stars and I’m really glad I got it. TLDR;Pros:- ability for you to move around and look, or keep your dog stationary- pulling is so much less harder on you when the force is around your waist- hands free is fantastic 10/10 👏- reflectiveness is keyCons:- bag is definitely not big enough, but at this price point it’s not the hugest deal- leash could afford to be a bit longer, but it’s shortness is also an advantage depending on your intended usage- a little awkward to get the dog in and out of the car

  2. Bey

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     I love this leash & I spent hours in an Amazon research hole comparing dozens of similar leashes— so when I say in the end when I went with this one & it turned out to be everything I was looking for & more?? Yeah, I have no regrets lol. I’m hoping to save somebody the time I had to spend searching for this so I’ll try to be as thorough as possible!So, my girl (3y, 60lbs, pit-coonhound mix) isn’t so much of a puller as she is a lunger— & the bungee cord is absolutely BRILLIANT for it. It really does what it’s advertised to do & has saved me multiple times from ending up flat on my tail when the odd squirrel or another dog has been spotted on the trail.Other things I love about it:• The fanny pack is suuuuch a bonus! It can fit baggies, treats, keys, & there’s a little inner pocket you can put your cards in. I usually keep my phone in my pocket/backpack but I tested it out just to see, & it’s a tight fit but it can definitely hold that too (phone size iPhone 11). It’s also detachable.• The belt is very easily adjustable.• So, I like to use the double d-rings to encase the belt buckle because it makes the attachment point seem a lot more secure to me— but the actual designated connection ring is attached in a way that allows it to slide around the belt easily in case your dog is running around you. I don’t use it for this purpose because 1) I find it really easy to just turn the actual belt itself if I do need to untwist & 2) my dog is a menace with running in circles around me trying to find *her spot* for morning bathroom walks; however, I primarily use this leash set while hiking trails where everything ahead is unfamiliar & urgently needs sniffing, so there’s little if any circling happening enough that would make me feel like I needed to use the dynamic leash clip as designed.• The two handles are so great. There’s a handle halfway down that’s good for regaining control & one near the bottom that’s perfect for shortleashing.• The leash itself is a nice length. It’s long enough to give us both a comfortable amount of space to walk, but not so long that it drags if she’s walking a little slower.• Reflective lines on belt AND reflective stitching in the leash!!Qualms:Really I don’t have any, I feel that this leash is very well made with awesome features for the price. But I will say though, that I’ve seen a few reviewers saying their buckle broke & I did a test myself & I do think that if you have a *super* serious puller that the d-ring attachment point might break after prolonged use with consistent strain.As I mentioned above/pictured I like to have the d-rings doubled up for extra security, but for my test I attached it at just the one ring & had my dog pull against me at her max strength for a few minutes— the buckle began to make a creaking/stretching sound of strain. I’d think for anybody who is using the singular ring with their superpuller, & who /never/ use the handles to shortleash their dog / reduce that pressure, that the shelf life could be a bit shorter.One solution to that though— we did this test with her wearing her chest harness, but in general we always use a gentle leader with our girl because 60lbs of sudden force versus shoulder-sockets isn’t a match we ever win!! So I wouldn’t think a plastic buckle after time would stand much more chance. This leash works just fine in combo with the gentle lead & is actually preferable for us because it’s way less weight for the bungee to stop when she lunges / makes it harder for her to pull hard enough that it stresses the buckle. So if you really want this but you’re worried about big time pulling, try using it in conjuct with a gentle lead!All of this to say, this product is WONDERFUL. Do yourself a favor!! Hope this review was helpful to somebody :o)

  3. Melinda S Edwards

    I love the convenience this product offers me. So much easier to walk my dog now. I can hold bear spray and my phone and at night I can also hold a flashlight. Also eliminates the pull on my shoulders. The quality of this product appears to be good. I only just got it so time will tell.

  4. Eshopperaholic

    This leash has been used by multiple people, and they love it. Interestingly my dog seems to be more calm when we use it and he doesn’t even attack Katz which used to drive him crazy. It frees up both of your hands while you’re walking and while we were afraid it would throw you around if the dog pulled, Your way more comfortable using it. We’ve only had it a couple weeks, but everyone is lining up to walk the dog – something that never happened before!

  5. aes

    I wanted to give this a couple weeks of use before writing a review and all in all I think this is a pretty great leash.I’ve been testing it out with our medium sized dog for a few weeks running, walking, and hiking, doing one of those every day. There are really only two draw backs for me and those are 1. I wish there wasn’t the second set of elastic in between the two handles and 2. It is a bit too long for running for someone my height if you trained your dog to run next to you. I’ll cover these two points in more detail below.The first issue is fairly minor, it just makes it more challenging to get a secure hold on your dog if you grab the top handle closest to you (how I have my leash positioned) because the dog can still lunge forward and pull away with the extra elastic give. I have an avid bunny chaser and we’re working on it, but sometimes she just can’t help herself on walks or runs and I go to grab the top handle closest to me and she can still lunge forward until I can get the lower handle closer to her where I have just the strap with no elastic, which is fairly low down so it’s harder to grab in the heat of the moment. If you turn the leash around such that the handles are closer to you, then the elastic is in between the handle and the clip on the dog and you don’t really have any firm control that way with the handles. It’s hard to describe, but it’s just a minor annoyance.The bigger annoyance is point 2. The leash is just a bit too long such that when my dog is running beside me, the leash gets in between my legs and tangles up and it is awkward to try and keep it off to the side. My husband who is much taller (5’7″ vs 6’4″) runs with the leash fully extended and doesn’t have a problem. My solution has been to just take a carabiner and clip the two handles together and that seems to get enough slack out of the leash to not have it constantly tangling in between my legs. This only happens when I run. Walking or hiking the fully extended leash isn’t a problem since we let our dog do more exploratory/sniffing walks/hikes, whereas we’ve trained her to run next to us.The pros though are great and it has everything I wanted out of a hands-free leash. The front clip feels super secure, there is the buckle which has a locking mechanism, then rings on either side that you clip the leash onto such that you can feel very certain that even if the buckle failed, you have a back up. The little pouch is a good size, fits a standard size smart phone, poop bags, a key, and treats. The materials feels nice and high quality, with reflective strips all up the length of the leash. The clips feel sturdy and high-quality. All in all it’s a super functional leash and has almost everything I wanted, just the two things I mentioned above, which may be more minor for other folks.

  6. Msstoll

    Holy smokes it took me a few months to be able to officially review this product..let’s be real you have to “use” things before you review things…100 out of 10 is my rating!! The leash is durable, strong, made great, stylish, and omg functional!!!! I have a goldendoodle 60 lb 8 month old PUPPY! He’s a giant and loves to be in the lead when we walk..makes it hard I have a 50lb 5 month old sheepadoodle that tags along….after a few walks with me using the leash and collar I can walk hands free no pulling no clicking of the retractable leash that suck!! I know cause my husband is always struggling on walks it’s so annoying!! Theres me I’m waking along with drink in hand, dog super close he can’t wonder in street or get to terribly tangled in his brothers leash since it’s the perfect length. I’m not joking it is amazing I can make a 180 degree turn and check make sure no creeps are following and dogs have no idea I’ve completely turned around the leash has 1 pivoting clip and 1 extra that is stationary so if you wanted that option to not move around you have it! On my walk I literally ordered one for my husband to use tomorrow on our walk! It was a bungee like leash to be able to easily bring the dog close to your but also aboard some “shock” when the try and tug on the leash! The latch has a safety lock to ensure those tuggers aren’t going anywhere! I freaking love this product and just wanted everyone else to know this is great you should buy 1 in every color…NOW!!

  7. Margaret M Holman

    As a life-long dog owner/lover, I do not know why it’s taken me so long to buy a hands-free leash. My dog is an escape artist and I constantly worry that she will take off if I drop the leash. I also like to take her to places like the area arboretum where you need your hands for other things. This leash is awesome; heavy-duty with two hand-straps that are conveniently placed. It is generous and sturdy. Love it.

  8. Lana

    Everyone i know made fun of me when i first got this. “Your dog pulls, shes just going to yank you around by the waist now” i was even a little worried it wouldn’t work out. well it turns out, your core is typically much stronger than your arms are. My 50 lb dog can tug as hard as she can and it doesn’t make a difference to me in the slightest.This leash is seriously such a game changer. I love that its stretchy, my dog hits the “end” of the leash before its truly at the end, which means it chokes her much less. A lot of the shock from her pulling is dispelled by the elastic. The handles are perfect for extra control passing by people and when walking in the street. The pouch is super handy for carrying treats and poo bags.The leash is sturdy and a bit heavier than other leashes ive used. I think the weight of the leash makes my dog more aware of it, she seems to be staying closer to me even though the leash is longer.My complaints are minimal. I wish that the middle handle was slightly closer to my waist just to make it a bit easier to grab it quickly. If my boyfriend and i both use the leash it has to be re-adjusted for every walk.Overall im super impressed. Walking hands free is super nice and convenient. I plan to buy another one as a gift for my dad who hikes with his dog daily, and im reccomending one to everyone i know who has a dog

  9. Rachael

    I’ve only used this leash a few times so far but it has been great! It reassures me that my dog won’t get away if I need use of both of my hands. The waist band adjusts easily to fit lots of sizes. The clips seem strong. The bungee seems durable and I love the extra padding on the handles. Having two handles is great too so I can give my dog more leeway or keep him closer. The poop bag dispenser doesn’t seem to work very well though. Each time I’ve pulled a poop bag out the next one doesn’t release and then I have to unzip the pouch to get another one out. The pouch is convenient though because it can hold my phone, dog treats, keys, etc.

  10. Tessa Renze

    This leash is so nice! It has a bunch of clasps so you can choose what length to use for your pet. It helps allow my dog some freedom without me needing to adjust the leash in my hands. I got the lilac color and it is so pretty. The extra handles also function very well for when I need to have extra control of my pup. This also helps nudge her in the right direction, without as much effort being needed from me. I also like that it keeps my hands free most of the time, so I can use my phone or do other things. I can see this being really helpful for someone who walks their dog with a baby in a stroller as well.

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