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Portable Grill Weber Q1200

(10 customer reviews)


Product Dimensions20.5″D x 40.9″W x 24.6″H
Special Feature Folding Side Tables, Electronic Ignition, Lid Thermometer, Removable Catch Pan, Compact Design, Porcelain-Enameled, Cast-Iron Cooking Grates See more
Fuel TypeGas
  • One stainless steel burner produces 8500 BTU-per-hour to heat 189 square-inch total cooking area
  • Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates and cast aluminum lid and body
  • Fully assembled out of box and built-in lid thermometer, serves 2 to 3 people
  • Easy-start electronic ignition and infinite control burner valve settings
  • Uses disposable 14.1 or 16.4 oz. LP cylinder (sold separately)
  • 3D interactive assembly instructions for this product are available through the free BILT app.

Weber Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill

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Restyled for 2014, the Weber Q 120 is now the Weber Q 1200. The grill has the same great performance and sleek styling, but adds new aesthetics that are both functional and fun, including larger grip handle and control knobs, ergonomic side handles, sturdy front and rear cradles, larger-sized fold-out side tables with greater rigidity plus the familiar Weber Q logo branded in the lid. Split grates allow for a grate/griddle cooking combination: Just replace one of the grates with the Q 1000-series compatible griddle (sold separately) and experience an unexpected way to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner on your grill. The tall lid accommodates the grilling of small roasts and birds, while the large built-in thermometer allows you to monitor temperatures inside the grill. Durable, but lightweight, the cast-aluminum construction of the Weber Q 1200 makes this super-portable grill the perfect tailgating companion. Reliable starts are assured with the electronic ignition. Steaks, chops, burgers and dogs are easily handled, but a large variety of other foods may also be cooked at any temperatures from low to high. Just dial-in the proper heat setting by adjusting the infinite control burner valve. For grilling on-the-go, the Weber Q 1200 runs on disposable LP cylinders (not included). For at-home use an optional LP adapter hose for 20-lb. tanks is available as an accessory. May be used with Weber Portable Cart model No.6557.

From the manufacturer

Now you can have all the fresh, grilled flavors you love anytime, anywhere with Weber’s convenient, portable gas grill. Choose from simple and compact to ultra-convenient and loaded with features.

Weber Q1200 Series Portable Gas Grill

Ready, set, on the go

Notice how sturdy the shroud feels as it opens smoothly on its hinges? See how the burners roar to life on the very first try? Delighted by how simple it is to achieve a mouthwatering meal every time? It’s no accident. Weber spends countless hours perfecting the grilling systems on its gas grills, assuring easy assembly, an evenly heated cooking surface, and precision controls so you can tone things down or up to the perfect heat level for direct or indirect cooking.

Cookbox and Shroud

The cookbox houses the components of the cooking system: cooking grates, burner tubes, and the grease management system.

Made of cast aluminum, Weber’s gas-grill cookboxes are durable, efficient, require minimal care and maintenance, and can withstand the heat needed to grill at any temperature. In addition, the shape of the cookbox, when combined with the shroud, allows for the proper circulation of heat around food for even cooking whether you’re using direct or indirect heat.

Cooking Grates

Weber gas-grill cooking grates come in three exceptional materials: porcelain-enameled steel, stainless steel, and porcelain-enameled cast iron. Each type retains heat evenly and sears food beautifully. Porcelain-enameled steel cooking grates are durable and easy to clean. Stainless steel rod cooking grates make lovely sear marks, hold heat very well, and clean up with ease. Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates combine the ease of porcelain-enameled with the superior heat retention of cast-iron.

Burner Tubes

Weber’s burners are made of high-grade stainless steel, which will stand up to the small amounts of water found in liquid propane and natural gas. The burner tubes are made of a singular piece of steel with no welds, making them stronger and more resistant to rust and burn-through. Weber gas-grill burner tubes can be cleaned easily by gently brushing with a Weber stainless-steel grill brush.

The burners are spaced to provide heat across the entire cooking grate. The burner valve has infinite control settings, so you can fine-tune the heat levels.

Grease Management

When juices drip off the meat, they funnel down into the grease management system. The grease management system consists of an angled grease tray and catch pan. The grease tray rests beneath the cookbox a safe distance from the burner tubes to prevent the grease from catching fire. Grease is channeled down the grease tray and into the catch pan. Both the grease tray and catch pan are easy to clean. The tray easily slides out of the cabinet for cleaning, and when the catch pan starts to fill, simply remove the disposable drip pan, toss it in the trash, and replace it with an empty pan.

Cookbox and Shroud

Cooking Grates

Burner Tubes

Grease Management


When George Stephen created the first Weber grill, he wanted to be able to bring his family together for a good meal. He insisted on a product that would exceed customers’ expectations.

In the years since then, the Weber name has become synonymous with backyard barbecues and the family, friends, and good times that go with them. At Weber, they continue that tradition of excellence in everything they do from the development of new grills and accessories to the services they provide to customer and dealers.


From the very beginning, Weber revolutionized backyard grilling. Since then, they have continued to develop products that enhance the grilling experience. From the original kettle with heat controlling dampers to electronic temperature controls and Flavorizer bars, Weber continues to be at the forefront of modern grilling, making the backyard a part of your kitchen.


Weber grills have been and will continue to be the true definition of performance in backyard grilling. Whether you’re cooking a basic burger or an extensive meal, Weber grills are designed and engineered to give you the best performance every time.


Service is of the utmost importance at Weber. Their Customer and Dealer Service associates work every day to ensure that their customers and dealers have the support they need.

Important information

Safety Information

• Proposition 65 Warning: Handling the brass material on this product exposes you to lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. (Wash hands after handling this product.) • Combustion byproducts produced when using this product contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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Weight30 lbs
Dimensions20.5 × 40.9 × 24.6 in


Product Dimensions

20.5"D x 40.9"W x 24.6"H

Special Feature

Folding Side Tables, Electronic Ignition, Lid Thermometer, Removable Catch Pan, Compact Design, Porcelain-Enameled, Cast-Iron Cooking Grates



Fuel Type


Finish Type


Included Components


Assembly Required



cast-iron cooking grates and cast aluminum lid

Handle Material

Stainless steel

Heating Power

8500 British Thermal Units

Model Name

Weber 51190001 Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill, Orange

Frame Material

Stainless Steel

Installation Type



24 Volts


409 watts

Heating Elements


Item Weight

30 Pounds



Item model number



1 AAA batteries required. (included)



10 reviews for Portable Grill Weber Q1200

  1. Robert

    Absolutely amazing little grill. I live in an apartment complex and we use this thing 2-3x per week and have also used it on the beach. It is nice and compact, but at the same time can easily fit 6 chicken breasts or 6 burgers. Love the fold out trays to put plates, sauces, utensils, or anything you need while cooking. The whole grill feels very solid and I never feel like it is going to tip over like some other portable grills. The grill gets hot in 6-8 minutes and can easily hit the 500+ degree mark when turned on high for some nice searing. One of my favorite features of this grill is the design of the grates. They are set in such a way that food drippings do not drip onto the gas burner below. It prevents clogs and keeps an even flame for cooking. Clean up is easy with a typical steel brush and if you line the drip tray in foil it makes for a real easy cleanup before traveling. Even the inside under the burner cleans easily. Also, spring for a fun color. The great smell and fun color will attract new friends if camping or traveling!!Few concerns:- I have a 20lb tank I use with it and the 1lb tanks for travel. I an not sure if it is this grill or all grills, but be careful when screwing in the hose or mini-tanks. I often feel like it mis-threads and have to backoff and screw it in again.- The handle over the propane connection is not the most well places as I can’t get my fingers between the handle and connector. Could have a little more room, but not the biggest deal as the grill is pretty light and easy to carry.Overall I highly recommend this grill as I did my research and this thing is well worth the money. Excellent for anyone looking for a compact grilling solution!! Hopefully I can get some of the accessories in the near future as everyone seems to be raving about those too!

  2. Sandra Bailey

    Very nice grill. The lid closes tight and includes a nice handle and built in thermometer. I like how the grates cover the burner to avoid grease from dropping onto the burner. It’s lightweight and easy to carry. I would recommend this grill to anyone to purchase. If you need a larger one than go with the 2200 series.

  3. J. Phoned

    I know there’s already a ton of five star reviews, I will just add a few specifics I didn’t notice in the many that I read (and address the lower rating reviews as well).This grill DOES take the standard 16.4 ounce tanks you can find anywhere (Coleman etc). A few reviews said it requires a special tank, this was either incorrect or the grill has since been changed to accommodate them.This grill doesn’t get hot enough…if you are using it as a portable crematorium. Otherwise, it takes about ten minutes to get to 420+ degrees with lid down. My first time using it I grilled up a nearly two inch thick NY strip. Came out perfect, medium rare. Second time I grilled two of them, they came out perfect. Third time I roasted a two pound tri-tip right on the grill plate (no accessories yet). That came out perfect as well – I took pictures of all three but Amazon won’t let me post pics for some reason. Trust me. Perfect.The tri tip was the test, I mostly grill steak and was worried it wouldn’t handle a thick cut like that. The trick (I learned quickly), get it hot! Let the grill get to 420-450 with kid closed, sear for two minutes on each side and then kick the heat to half way or 3/4 open on the tri tip, keep an eye on it (finger tardy) for doneness. Easy to get great results with this grill.I am camping/living/traveling out of my Subaru so portability and ease of use was essential. This fits fine on the back seat, snug against the back of the passenger seat. It cools off in five minutes or so enough that I can cook up lunch and load it back into the car by the one I’ve finished sealing up my food for the day.The only downside is the regulator sits right up against the underside of one of the handles. I can’t get my fingers under it. Minor flaw, still easy to carry but seems like it could be improved. Other flaw is the fold out trays are not designed to use as cutting boards. After three uses I have knife scars all acros one side. Not a big deal but would like to see that made if something that you can carve meat on for maximum efficiency (so I don’t have to add cutting board to the grill kit). And ideally it would be 20% smaller for my needs.Otherwise it is perfect for mobile cooking, easy to clean, well designed, flawless steaks every time. Get one!

  4. BP

    Won’t be using the grill until camping season which is the reason I purchased the grill including the price on sale being the best seen so far online. Excellent size. Options for this model for replacement trays online are plenty. Grill should hold up to the elements well. Picked up a generic carrying case online as well.

  5. Gyeoung-Jin Kang

    I purchased the Weber Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill in Red back in 2019, and it has been a reliable companion for my outdoor cooking adventures ever since. This portable grill offers a lot of advantages but comes with a few considerations that potential buyers should be aware of.Advantages:- Portability (5/5): The Weber Q1200 truly lives up to its reputation as a portable grill. Its compact design and foldable side tables make it easy to transport, making it ideal for picnics, camping, or tailgating.- Performance (4/5): In terms of cooking performance, this grill doesn’t disappoint. It heats up quickly and cooks food evenly. I’ve used it for various dishes, from burgers and steaks to grilled vegetables. I even ventured into the realm of indirect grilling and tried my hand at a Tomahawk steak. The results were impressive, with that perfect sear on the outside and a juicy, mouthwatering interior. It’s safe to say the Weber Q1200 can handle more than just the basics.Considerations:- Transportation (3/5): One of the drawbacks I’ve encountered is the challenge of finding a suitable carry bag or case for this grill. It doesn’t come with one, which can be inconvenient if you need to move it frequently.- Temperature Control (4/5): While the Weber Q1200 offers good temperature control, achieving precise adjustments can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re aiming for specific temperature levels for different dishes. To overcome this challenge and ensure your culinary creations are cooked to perfection, I’d recommend using a remote or wired external meat thermometer. This tool ensures accurate food temperature monitoring, eliminating guesswork for consistent, delicious results.Accessories (4/5):To enhance my experience with this grill, I invested in a custom cover and stand, both of which have been valuable additions. The cover protects the grill from the elements when not in use, while the stand provides a convenient working height. I’d like to mention that you can purchase a dedicated carry bag designed for this grill separately, which would further improve its usability, making storage and transportation even more convenient.In conclusion, the Weber Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill is a portable grill that offers excellent performance. However, potential buyers should be aware of the considerations mentioned, particularly the need for a suitable carry bag and the learning curve for precise temperature control. With the right accessories, this grill can be a fantastic addition to your outdoor cooking arsenal.I hope you find this review helpful in making an informed purchasing decision. Happy grilling!

  6. FishnMore

    Fast grilling and nice addition so no smoking smell inside home. Easy assembly and clean

  7. Andrea Polk

    After reading so many glowing reviews, I purchased the Weber Q1200 to replace another brand of a small, portable gas grill. I wanted something small for our 3-person family that would heat up, maintains its temp, and grill food in a predictable, effective way. The Q1200 exceeded my expectations in most regards, with two issues.I purchased a “like new” in original, damaged packaging to save a few bucks. The box arrived kind of beat up, but other than a few scuffs on the frame of the grill, it was all as expected. The grill had all its parts, manual, and was well wrapped.The grill looks great and it came 95% assembled. You have to put in the hinge pins, screw on the handle, and put the battery into the ignition button before installing it, but that’s it as far as an assembly. The directions to do this stuff are pretty self-explanatory, except for how to put the ignition button in.The ignition button should repetitively click as you depress it. It will do so if you’ve installed the included AA battery correctly and it’s making contact. This produces a spark that ignites the gas when it’s turned on. Alternatively, you can light the grill with a lighter if the button is not working.The issue I had with the ignition button was that it wouldn’t stay locked into place. I didn’t want to break it, so I contacted Weber about this issue and they sent me directions for how to install an ignition switch (the whole thing…) and the button. These directions were NOT in the Grill Owner’s Guide, which they should be! The directions that were sent in an email after contacting Weber weren’t great, but I did see what I needed to check. There are two retaining clips that should click when you put the button in, locking it into place. Other than the ignition switch, putting it together went smoothly.The initial grill use went as expected. I attached a large tank with a propane adapter hose (not included) that I’d used with my other grill. I made sure I had a full tank and followed the directions for the first use.I turned on the gas, then turned the dial on the grill’s right side to the highest setting, and held down the ignition button until the grill ignited – which took 1-2 seconds. I closed the lid and preheated the grill for 15 minutes. **There is a notation in the manual that you should expect the grill to run hot for the first 2-3 uses, and I found that to be the case.Per the included recommendations, I cooked 1″ thick NY strip steaks for 4 minutes on each side to achieve medium-rare. They came out perfectly! I used tongs to turn them over one time and kept the lid closed to maintain the heat. Excellent results! The steaks were cooked to perfection with great-looking grill marks, and there was no “gas” taste to the food; something I hated about our previous grill.Cleaning up the grill was as with most. The disposable drip pan caught all the drips and the grill plates were coated and needed some soaking before I used a kitchen scrubber (plastic teeth) to clean off the oily residue from cooking the meat. After some effort, the grill plates were clean and replaced into the grill for the next use.NOTE: Disposable drip pans can be used or you can wrap the holder in foil to catch drips.I am pleased with this grill. Its build quality is very good, and while it’s a bit expensive, it grills very well and is just the right size for a small family or those who are looking for a grill to take camping or tailgating. 14-16 ounce cylinders work with this grill or you can do what I did and use a propane adapter hose and a larger tank.

  8. BardyHar

    So far, so good. I bought this with the intent of hooking it directly to my low pressure outlet on my Jayco Travel Trailer, but didn’t have the time to deal with it before this last camping trip and just used a portable propane can. I expected maybe three uses on one can, and some longer cooking times due to the wind we had over the weekend. The Q exceeded my expectations on all accounts. First the unboxing…well packaged, easy assembly (just the lid handle, hinges, and temp gauge), and sturdy. Five minute assembly tops. Storage: Size and foldable shelves made this fit easily in a compartment on my trailer. That being said, the feet really grip so it doesn’t slide in and out easily, but also doesn’t slide around when I’m hauling. Grilling: Started easily every time and heated up quickly to above 400 at medium heat. I cooked brats, kabobs, bacon, pizza, and ribs during my trip. All on one propane can. Results: Cast iron grate makes some beautiful grill marks. These grates aren’t seasoned, but are coated like a Dutch oven so you’ll want to use some cooking spray for fish or vegetables until you’ve got a few uses in. To clean the grates, use water and a grill brush, or a wet cloth with kosher salt as an abrasive. Never soap as it removes the layer of oil you’ll build after multiple uses. Brats and kabobs came out perfect, and the grill cooked evenly and faster than my bigger, home grill. Bacon cooked too quickly, so monitor closely. Pizza came out alright, but I couldn’t get the cheese to brown without burning the bottom or the crust so I finished them under broiler in trailer. Ribs were wrapped and heated in the oven for an hour, unwrapped and placed on the grill for another hour. One rack of baby backs is all that will fit at a time. All in all, I’m guessing I used the grill for a total of 2.5 – 3 hours one one propane tank. Pretty impressive to me, but I’ll update this review after I hook it to the trailer.

  9. Dale & Tammy

    I bought this to use in our camper. What a great purchase, but then again, it is a Weber. It is a great little grill and is perfect for just my wife and myself. If my brother and his wife come over it is still plenty big enough to cook for four. If you have a large family, then get the bigger grill. I also converted it so it connects directly to the camper’s LP supply. That was an easy conversion, just a couple of minutes. I can also fry bacon on it. I have a flat, square pan that fits on the grate and it works perfect for frying eggs and bacon. I was going to buy a griddle but now I don’t think it is necessary because this works perfect.

  10. Zooktwo

    Perfect for temporay vacation home, easy to assemble, have not used yet will soon

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