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  • WELCOME TO YOUR FIRST AR EXPERIENCE: Join 100,000+ fans around the world! To use an iPhone with XREAL Air and XREAL Adapter, an Apple Lightening to Digital AV Adapter is required. Apple Lighting Digital AV Adapter is sold through Apple, which must be purchased separately.
  • UNPARRALLED GAMING COMPANION: Connect to the popular gaming consoles and enjoy a massive HD display. Compatible with PS 4slim/5, Xbox Series X/S, Switch and Steam Deck. Access Xbox Cloud Gaming and Steam VR with compatible Android devices. XREAL Adapter is required for iPhone, PS 4slim/5, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.
  • ENTERTAIN WITH AUGMENTED REALITY: Unlock new experiences with XREAL Air and XREAL Adapter, designed to transform any iPhone, with a 130” virtual display in Air Casting mode. Jump into your own private virtual theater for anything: movies, Youtube, TikTok, and even streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu. Small and portable, made for entertainment on-the-go.
  • BALANCE OF TECH & COMFORT: XREAL Air packs cutting-edge technologies within an ultra-lightweight (around 79g) sunglasses-style frame that’ll fit right in your pocket. Its Low Blue Light, Flicker Free and Eye Comfort display is certified by TÜV Rheinland Group, marking it the first in the AR/VR field. You may also order prescription lenses from XREAL’s official partners.
  • Please be sure to activate and update XREAL Air to latest Firmware through XREAL website prior to use

XREAL Air AR Glasses with XREAL Adapter, Compatible with iPhone and Nintendo Switch, Connect to iPhone via Lightning to HDMI

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Weight1.46 lbs
Dimensions9.25 × 4.69 × 3.94 in


Package Dimensions

9.25 x 4.69 x 3.94 inches; 1.46 Pounds

Item model number

Nreal Air & Nreal Air Adapter Bundle

Item Weight

1.46 pounds

Date First Available

November 19, 2022



4 reviews for XREAL Air AR Glasses

  1. Caleb

    The image quality is pretty good, I have a sasmsung s22 ultra American version. It connected automatically to samsung dex. The screen mirror is just what it says it is.Working on trying to get the nebula app to open properly.Will update review after more use.

  2. adan and jenn

    So close
    Annoyingly close to perfect.First thing no one seems to be speaking about:Lens glare / reflection. You can see your shirt and shoulders (and whatever is behind you if you aren’t a “wide” person.) This was very disorienting at first, it legitimate me made me dizzy until I understood what was happening.Now for the actual functionality of the product:Android compatible phones using the nebula app really feels like it’s the future.The 3dof is incredible, unfortunately you can only really browse the internet.While it’s mostly enough for YouTube, you won’t be using your regular apps in AR. There is a SDK but virtually no apps exist in this ecosystem.If it had a way to launch windows of regular apps, this would be a solid knockout even with the windows issues (I’ll cover these later).Unfortunately only way to do that is Samsung DEX. Using it in DEX mode (or any non nebula screen mirror) loses the “AR” functionality.When not in AR mode. The screen is fixed to the glasses, meaning even your heart beat will move the screen a tiny bit. This quickly becomes kind of annoying and somehow nausea inducing.Windows on the other hand is an absolute let down. In AR mode, the screens are always tearing and jittering. If you are going to try to use these for productivity, good luck… I could only bare a few minutes of this before turning it off.

  3. Melvin Eriksson

    Can start by saying that I live in Sweden and bought from .com and everything went well. I have now tested Nreal Air for almost 2 weeks and this is what I have come to. I had an iphone 12, which I bought the adapter and the apple convert as you should. It doesn’t work right away, I updated the adapter but it doesn’t work at least in Sweden. On the other hand, I was planning to get a sasmung s22 either way, which I did after 1 week, so everything works. The experience was great the picture/Videos was good, the sound was good for a product like this. On the other hand, the Nebuela app is not available in Sweden, which means that you have to download it via links that you can find on reddit, which works perfectly, but it doesn’t feel safe when it comes from random people.But after the app was installed, everything was extremely good, Ar space doesn’t work for me at all (I think it’s because of where I am). But all that aside, casting works perfectly and with the help of samsung dex, the experience is extremely much better. The product costs around SEK 4,300 in local currency and with a customs duty that is added at the time of purchase of around SEK 1,500 plus tax. Summar is extremely high to get it into Sweden, but it was worth every penny for me. Because everything was paid at once, I didn’t have to worry about it ending up in customs because it’s already paid for. It took around 2 weeks for the package to arrive and around 1 week for the money to be deducted from the account, For the rest of you who are wondering where the extra costs for shipping and customs are around 200 dollars plus the adapter for 50 dollars so a total of 250 dollars.But from the outside, I loved the product and am extremely happy with it. Recommends everyone from Sweden at least to have one of the compatible phones apart from the ihpone to be sure it will work, can only say for myself except iphone and samsung but don’t know anything about the other.

  4. Sean

    So for me dropping $460 on something to try is a bit extreme. I got this after being torn between the Rokid air and Nreal Air. I was won over by the dashboard that was more seamlessly like a VR headset (like the one out your phone in) and being able to virtually look at multiple screens.I went to YouTube for reviews to make a somewhat educated decision on what to buy. And mind you I’m a draftsman and need multiple windows open or screens to work from. Which was the single biggest reason for me looking into these. Multiple “monitors” without the monitors. And well come to find out there’s a fair amount of stuff that’s not mentioned. So I’m gonna be one the reviewers I read through and hoped wouldnt be like.So a couple key points and in a way my progress to get here to my return;A) when plugging into a PC laptop via usb c it simply just duplicates the monitor. Not a terrible deal for some I’m sure. But for me a big deal. I needed the multiple screens. Not just one. Come to find out the nebula app only has compatibility with max computers well I’m out luck from the start. So figured I’d investigate the nebula app, non existent as of today 5/6/23 and no nebula support for iPhone. No time frame as to when it will maybe someday. Fantastic so moving on.B) I attempted to plug into the switch c port to use like on a plane, No go. Nothing happen even with the adapter. Looking into why for switch you need a different adapter not completely included with the glasses or provided adapter. I say not completely because sure with the bundled upgrade it come with and adapter but with an unmentioned issue. The switch need independent power. So if you want to play switch you have to set the whole dock up, but instead of plugging into a tv you plug the HDMI into the adapter which converts to usbc for the glasses. So absolutely no portability in that regard for plane rides. Unless you want to also carry your standard 60w switch charger and MAYBE have a flight that has a 120v AC wall outlet inverter:C) on the iPhone again with the adapter and ALOS buying the video adapter to play iPhone on a tv. Because yea you have to do that. The supplied adapter has a piece that is more or less a part with female HDMI ports on it, yes one side female the other side female, and this little piece slides into the main adapter housing. So that’s another item to use these glasses. Because YOU HAVE TO BUY THE APPLE OFFICIAL AVI ADAPTER to slide into the adapter as a replacement for the female to female piece.After the initial glasses price bundled with a near useless adapter + 2 additional adapters required to even use the one adapter. After finding is was getting an error with several steaming platforms and getting something like a HDCA issue (don’t quote me), after getting on YouTube and screen mirrors and having consistent issues with audio and video lag I called it because the usb c windows screen was less than expected image quality as well. I have since returned.The only reason for 1 more additional star is because the times I was able to watch or play switch in HD it looked amazing. But for just to have a glorified eye monitor to play games, not be able to stream, or use multiple screens, with no cameras or LiDAR to actually wear as a daily out and about. because no one says windows has no compatibility as of today. And no one says anything about the 3-5 cords you need + a minimum of 1 household outlet to actually play games or watch videos on a subscription site I’ll pass and save my almost $500 collectively.For the right person sure this would be awesome. But like anything I’m going to wait until this tech is more perfected and thrown out as a UNIVERSAL option for MAC/PC or IPhone/Android.

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