Sleep Tracking Pad

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  • ADVANCED SLEEP TRACKING – Sleep cycles, Sleep Score & snore detection
  • TRACK BREATHING DISTURBANCES – See sleep pattern interruptions which can impair the restorativeness of sleep
  • SLEEP-LAB INSIGHTS – Developed with sleep physicians and clinically validated
  • SLEEP HEART RATE – Track your heart rate continuously all night long
  • NOTHING TO WEAR – Easy one-time setup under the mattress, compatible with most mattresses
  • WAKE TO IMMEDIATE IN-APP RESULTS – Wake to all data in the free Health Mate app via Wi-Fi
  • SHAREABLE SLEEP DIARY – Make a medically-informed decision on your sleep by sharing an automatically-generated sleep diary with your doctor.
  • HOME AUTOMATION – Withings Sleep can act as a switch to control lights, the thermostat, and more
  • “ALEXA, ASK WITHINGS” – Your voice can help you manage your sleep with an Alexa Skill that works with Health Mate

Withings Sleep – Sleep Tracking Pad Under The Mattress With Sleep Cycle Analysis

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‎ 24.4 x 7.4 x 0.19 inches; 9.6 Ounces

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‎ WSM02-All-US

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‎ Unisex-adult


42000000 (Medical Equipment and Accessories and Supplies) Report an incorrect code

Date First Available

‎ February 23, 2018


‎ B078Z1B34S


‎ Withings Inc, Withings

10 reviews for Sleep Tracking Pad

  1. dersie

    ça semble pas mal hormis le bug de l’appli sur le téléphone
    EDIT du 06/02/2019 à voir en dessous de ce 1er commentaireJe l’ai installé à 2H du mat. Première nuit de 6H05 à 14H48. Sommeil enregistré mais début à 5H08 ??? peut-être quand un chat c’est mis au milieu ? Admettons…. 2ème nuit, là au matin (14H30) aucune données sommeil enregistrées ??? pas non plus de mode pour ajouter un sommeil en manuel au cas ou il y’ait un problème (comme c’est le cas). Ensuite quand même gros soucis car on ne sait jamais si l’appareil fonctionne ou pas ? sur l’appli on ne voit pas si il est actif, connecté ou en rade ? donc ultra gênant même si on veut faire le max pour ne pas être pris en défaut. A un moment je vois une LED bleue, après plus rien ? ça veut dire quoi ? Bref ça a marché une fois, pas la deuxième. Bref moi je veux quelque chose qui marche tout le temps et pas juste de temps en temps. Withings doit mieux gérer sa fiabilité et pas que… même si ça peut être en panne c’est totalement insuffisant au niveau contrôle par l’utilisateur qui reste dans le noir (même en dehors de la nuit 😉 Je cherche un moyen de contacter le support Withings mais ça doit être bien caché 🙁 sur leur site à la rubrique Assistance/Nous contacter on trouve des questions réponses (bidons) toutes faites mais pas un formulaire ou on peut vraiment parler et résoudre un problème. Après c’est pareil sur les recherches Google ou Forum, Withings étant pas vraiment connu (et reconnu) on a pas de retour ou d’aide utilisateurs comme sur les produit normaux. A revoir peut-être dans quelques années lorsqu’il y’aura plus de 10 personnes qui l’auront acheté ;)EDIT : Après retour du service client Withings, pas si mal après tout. Il semble que l’appareil marche et transmet bien ses données aux serveurs Withings. Juste que l’appli du téléphone ne va pas chercher les données sommeil sur les serveurs, bug de l’appli. Normalement sur les objets connectés, l’objet envoi ses donnés à l’appli sur le téléphone en BT et le téléphone les envoient ensuite sur les clouds. Avec Withings Sleep c’est différent. Le Sleep envoi lui même ses données en wifi sur le cloud Withings. C’est ensuite à l’appli du téléphone d’aller voir sur le cloud si il y’a des données à récupérer. Ce que l’appli ne fait pas. Pour forcer il faut se déconnecter de son compte Withings sur le tél et se re-connecter. Là l’appli va aller lire les données sur les serveurs Withings. A savoir si je vais devoir faire ça (déconnecter/reconnecter) tous les jours pour voir les infos sommeil sur le téléphone ?

  2. Shamazoon4realz

    I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the Withings Health Mate app DOES in fact display your Deep Sleep as not only hrs/min, but also % of the night. Ditto the REM sleep & light sleep. At least it does as of Aug 2023 (see pictures/screen-shots in my review here). I had an impossible time trying to confirm this ahead of time, before I made my purchase.I am docking 1 star for the accuracy, as I suspect these #’s I’m may or may not even be all that precise. Last night for instance I had a horrible night’s sleep: tossing and turning, constantly waking up during the night, very shallow type sleep that felt like I was half-awake the whole time. The Withings Health Mate app actually displayed a whopping 30% Deep Sleep the next morning, which there’s no way that’s even close. Felt more like about 3% of my night was Deep Sleep instead.

  3. Betty

    I don’t like wearing watches or rings when I go to bed. So I was glad when I found this sleep tracker. I am very happy with this Sleep Tracker. Does a lot. I recommend that it will work best if you have a mattress topper if you put it underneath your mattress topper instead of the mattress.

  4. Pat w.

    I had very high hopes for this device. I’ve tried several other sleep monitors and the main issue I had was they would not deliver data to the user. Fitbit used to (in a cumbersome manner) and then stopped. So, you are essentially providing free data to them to study/sell but not even getting it for yourself. This device allows users to download data from a server, so I was very excited after reading some positive reviews.The Good:1) You can have several users on one account. So, if you are watching parents or kids sleep in another location, this well be useful.2) It is a strip under a mattress, so not cumbersome or invasive at all.The Bad:1) The .csv files they do provide do not even match the data they display. That was the whole point of getting this, so I wouldn’t have to hand transfer data.1a) Time stamps are not sampled sequentially, rather they grab arbitrary “start_times” that do not match the display data. And the durations make no sense. For example, one start time might say 1am with [60,60,60,60,60] as duration so the next start time should be 1:06am, instead it’s something like 1:43 am. That tells me either stamps are missing or data is wrong.1b) There are numerous repeats of data, for no logical reason, and it’s up to you to somehow figure out what’s going on.1c) It’s almost impossible to get the .csv data to match the display data. Why couldn’t they just output a csv file of the actual data displayed on the server with 1 minute time stamps?1d) I gave support very detailed data to show this, and they said they would ‘escalate to engineers’. Never heard back.2) Worse, yet, I had discrepancies between this data and another wrist app. The data weren’t very close, so I filmed myself sleeping. There were periods showing REM, where I literally rotated in bed and sat up. So, now I’m not sure I even trust the displayed data. My wrist watch more accurately showed ‘awake.’For such an expensive device I had high hopes. Unless I get something that shows I made erroneous measurements, I will likely return the set I bought for family.

  5. JDS

    May not work with all mattresses
    When I placed the mat under my Tempur-Pedic mattress (12 inches deep) the mat did not measure my sleep pattern, but it did measure my wife’s pattern – bizarre. I re-positioned it directly under the bed sheets under my torso, and when I did that, it worked spectacularly. Some people may find the lump under the bed sheets to be uncomfortable, but I have no issues with it. It can be fooled at times. On 2 occasions, when I was lying quietly in bed reading, it recorded me as sleeping. But, for the most part, it’s reports are very informative. Recommended.

  6. fabio saito

    Útil para monitoramento superficial do sono
    O aparelho detecta com certa acurácia o sono profundo, REM e superficial, mas tem basicamente a mesma acurácia que um monitor fitbit ou amazfit, bem mais em conta, mas com maior precisão do Withings na identificação de sono REM. ele fornece, no atual aplicativo “Health Mate” do IOS, a % de cada fase do sono. falta um luz indicativa de que o aparelho está ligado e conectado à fonte (não tem como saber se ele está funcionando senão pelo proprio aplicativo). também ele não parece possuir memória: em caso de falta de energia antes de sincronizar com o celular, os dados daquela noite são perdidos. senti falta da gravação dos roncos (o aplicativo informa só o numero de roncos e a % da noite em que roncou). o Health Mate não fornece gravações, como acontece com aplicativos Ios como Sleep Cycle, nem calcula o intervalo entre os roncos, como alguns aplicativos como o MyNight faziam, que poderia ser usado para suspeitar de apnéia do sono. O Withings tb não fornece dados sobre a posição da pessoa (que poderia ser correlacionado com os roncos do Sleep Cycle) como acontece com bandana Muse. O Withings tb às vezes demora um pouco pra sincronizar com o celular, e só o faz DEPOIS que a pessoa se levanta da cama, diferente dos relógios/pulseiras. Mas de uma forma geral, é um bom produto.

  7. Mark Twain

    Ok, I do not ordinarily write reviews unless I am very impressed and this sleeping mat really impressed me. I have tried a variety of sleeping mats/sensors in the past and the single biggest problem with them all (other than this one) is that they require you to use your phone to record the sleeping data. With other mats, you need to remember to open an app on the phone and you need to store all the data on your phone, which gets very annoying after a short while. Not with this mat, the sleeping mat communicates with Withings directly over wifi and all your sleeping data is stored on their website. Your phone is just used to view the data whenever you want, you can delete the withing app from your phone and it will not erase the data. The other important thing about a sleeping sensor is the accuracy, a sleeping mat/sensor is no good if it is not accurate, and this one is meeting my accuracy standards. You do need to be careful where to put the sensor (they say under the sternum) but once you do that, then you don’t need to worry about placement ever again, or even need to think about the sensor ever again. It just records your sleep every day without you ever having to think about it. This point is not to be under estimated, I have 10 years of daily weight data stored on the Withings website, because I use their weighing scale. And no, I am not giving them 5 stars just because I own their weighing scale, I would simply not bother writing a review if I was not truly impressed with the product. I am going to come back and update this review after 1 year, the true value of a good sleeping sensor is in being able to consistently produce a good measurement every day.Update after 1 month:1. Robust: I have used it for a little bit less than 1 month now, and I have a reading from every day. This is a first for me, my previous sleeping sensors never made it so far.2. Accuracy: Accuracy is not super good but not super bad either. If you lie still in bed and do not move, this sensor will put you down as “REM”, and the other deeper sleep settings can be fooled too. I think i have to leave the bed or sit upright for it to think that i am awake, otherwise it thinks that i am asleep. If the sensor is able to measure my heartrate and i don’t move much, it has me down as asleep. Not complaining to be honest, I am not sure how much better someone else can do either.3. Speedy reading: Typically i get the results as soon as i get out of bed, within 5 mins. On a few occasions, it has take longer. Sometimes as long as 6 hours. I think the sensor tries to connect to the website, if it is not able to connect, waits for a few hours before retrying. Not sure exactly what happens in the few instances. But I have always managed to finally get a reading from the previous night, even with those delayed instances. I see a lot of negative reviews and I feel that this could be a cause of concern. When you don’t see the results right away, you get nervous that the sensor could be broken.4. Five Stars: Yes, I still give this product 5 stars despite everything. Competitors take note, this is the first time that a sleeping sensor has been able to track my sleep for as long as a month, and the data is stored safely in Withings website. I don’t think any other sleeping sensor competitor can say they do as good a job, including the mighty Apple. I am afraid that making a good sleeping sensor is so hard, that people might simply think it is not worth the effort.

  8. Joe444

    Amazing it can measure your heart and respiration rates from under the mattress. Seems accurate when compared to the Amazon Halo before the Halo was killed by Amazon.No monthly fees. Not expensive to buy. Nothing to wear. Definitely worth the cost.

  9. Alex Ogle

    Gives good insight to sleep patterns
    I bought this because I am interested in how much I snore and what I can do to reduce it.The sleep tracking is not completely accurate. You should know that immediately. An Austrian YouTuber wore scientific sleep tracking sensors and filmed himself sleeping while also using the Withings Sleep. The results did not match. However, that should not put you off because the results were not completely awry.Being under the mattress, it struggles to know the difference between you lying in bed awake and asleep lightly, and can struggle to determine exactly when you go through REM and deep sleep, but it does good enough a job that the results are informative.It also tracks breathing disturbances and snoring, which I find much more interesting.Sometimes the device gets thrown off and cuts the night short but it saves all the data and allows you to edit the night and backfill with data that is apparently missing.So, don’t be fooled that it is accurate: it isn’t. Do, however, use it as an informative guide.

  10. LBR

    Testé dans des conditions difficiles
    📦 Packaging :Le capteur est livré dans un packaging de qualité, très bien protégé. Le capteur est assez simple, légèrement plus épais, je dirais environ un centimètre d’épaisseur, du côté du câble USB. Le câble est tressé et semble solide. A noter que deux adaptateurs secteur sont fournis, une prise européenne et une prise anglaise.⚙️ Installation :L’installation est simple en quelques pas et nécessite un smartphone et la création d’un compte. Une calibration automatique du capteur est effectuée après la première connexion.📊 En pratique :J’ai installé le capteur directement sur des lattes (donc pas tout à fait à plat), en dessous d’un matelas de 30cm d’épaisseur. J’ai configuré l’IFTTT (très facile) avec mes ampoules connectées Yeelight, tout s’éteint quand je me couche et s’allume quand je me lève, c’est parfait !Après plusieurs semaines d’utilisation, aucun problème. L’épaisseur du matelas ne pose pas de problème, pas plus que l’installation sur les lattes.Le capteur perd une étoile sur une situation plutôt courante… Vous lisez ou regardez la télé au lit ? Pas de chance. Le capteur mettra toujours ça sur le compte “temps à vous endormir”. Cette mesure ne sera donc jamais fiable, sauf si vraiment vous vous couchez directement pour dormir. Idem pour la mesure « levé en ». Je suis d’accord, le réveil n’est pas le moment pour vérifier ses mails. Mais je suis sûr de ne pas être le seul dans ce cas. Ce qui serait sympa serait de pouvoir sélectionner uniquement les paramètres que nous voudrions voir évalués.✔️ Points positifs :- Fonctionne bien même avec un matelas épais ou sur des lattes- Discret- Mise en œuvre facile❌ Points négatifs :- Interdit de lire au lit ! :-)📝 En conclusion :Malgré le fait qu’il n’est pas possible de détecter quand vous lisez (ou autre !) au lit, le capteur fonctionne bien malgré le fait qu’il ait été posé directement sur des lattes et sous un matelas d’une trentaine de centimètres d’épaisseur. L’application est bien détaillée et simple d’utilisation.

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