Belgian Balance Syphon Coffee Maker

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Brand: Diguo
Capacity: 17 Fluid Ounces
Color: Silver
Coffee Maker Type: Vacuum Coffee Pot
Material: Stainless Steel
  • FLAVORFUL and CLEAN – The coffee brewed with Balancing Siphon Coffee Maker is described as clean, great purity of flavor, aromatic and with no bitterness from many coffees connoisseurs
  • BOLD AND GREEN – The cloth filter will only let in the tiniest coffee ground particles and all the flavors into the final product. The result is a bold tasting cup a Joe. Easy to use and wash, a single filter will last you for many brews
  • EXQUISITE – Plated in stylish black and silver, ridged fulcrum with Tee handle and matching black wooden board base. A real conversation starter and center of attraction for it exquisite design, brews in style and delicious coffee
  • MATERIALS AND CAPACITY – 304 stainless steel Vacuum Flask, Siphon Pipette and Filter Head. BPA-free borosilicate glass Brewing Flask. Medical grade silicon rubber seals. Capacity 500ml or 17oz, for 3-5 Espresso Cups
  • PACKAGE – Balance Siphon Coffee Maker set with cloth filter, coffee scoop and water measuring cup

Diguo Belgian/Belgium Balance Siphon/Syphon Coffee Maker, Elegant Double Ridged Fulcrum with Tee handle

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The Belgian Balance Siphon brewer invention of the mid-18th century works by placing Coffee grounds in the Brew Flask, and water is place in the Vacuum Flask over a Spirit Burner—this Flask is affixed to a Balance Lever. Making use of gravitational energy, vacuum, and vapor pressure to brew you a delicious cup.


Fill Spirit Burner bottle up to 60% with denatured alcohol or spirit (not included). Extend the wink about quarter to half an inch above the lid before immersing the rest.

Familiarize yourself with the brewing process without coffee grounds to yield optimal results. Use good fuel to prevent soothing. All stoppers must be tight for proper operation.

Quick guide.

1. Secure cloth filter to the filter head on the Siphon pipette and place it in the Brewing Flask (Glass). Insert the other end into the Vacuum Flask (Pot) firmly. Making sure it has a tight seal.

2. Add about 40g of medium fine coffee grounds to the Brewing Flask. Depend on your liking.

3. Unscrew the Vacuum Flask’s Plug. Pour in 450 to 500 cc of cold or warm water with the measuring cup provided. Hand tight the Plug and ensure the sealing is good.

4. Push down Balance lever to raise the Vacuum Flask. Fully uncap open the Burner’s extinguisher. Lower the Vacuum Flask and rest the extinguisher cap against it. Light up the Burner and wait.

5. After all brewed coffee is siphoned back to the Vacuum Flask, break the flask vacuum by loosening the top plug. Coffee is served through the faucet.

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Weight5.59 lbs
Dimensions17.25 × 14 × 6 in



17 Fluid Ounces



Coffee Maker Type

Vacuum Coffee Pot


Stainless Steel

Filter Type


Specific Uses For Product

Coffee maker

Included Components


Operation Mode

Semi Automatic



Number of Items


Human Interface Input


Package Type

Standard Packaging

Package Dimensions

17.25 x 14 x 6 inches

Item Weight

5.59 pounds



Item model number


Date First Available

July 11, 2015



10 reviews for Belgian Balance Syphon Coffee Maker

  1. Jordan Lake

    Very beautiful coffee maker, does it’s job and looks amazing while doing it! It takes around 15 minutes or so for the coffee to be ready which isn’t a big deal to me because I can just unload the dishwasher and do other stuff while the coffee is being made. It is a bit of a pain to clean, but I was well aware of this before purchasing, still completely worth it to me! I also don’t use it every day though, more so a few times a week. Just think, even if the power goes out you can still have a hot cup of joe! If you’re a coffee enthusiast and have a soft spot for the victorian aesthetic, you’ll love this!

  2. Gabrielle

    Looks cool, fun conversation piece, great for company.. doesn’t make much coffee (2 SMALL cups), takes a long time, no better flavor than my old, cheap coffee machine.. my French press makes a tastier cup in less time … but it’s fun & pretty.I expected more, but no regrets—it looks pretty on my counter lol..*** make sure you by correct, clean-burning fuel-denatured alcohol.. or you will have a MESS!!!***

  3. john reid

    As with all coffee makers , It is all about the quality of the coffee you put in, I have tried with various different brands and grinds. It seems to work better with a finer grain coffee and adding just a little more than you normally would. The set up was fairly stright forward , but I would recommend watching a video or two on youtube just to make sure. It is a great show piece and frequently my friends ask for coffee just to watch the show. The reusable cloth filter is a bit of a pain to wash but better for the environment, so there is that trade off, I bought extra cloth filters just incase but they last for hundreds of uses if you take good care of them. The upside, it makes great coffee in an interesting way that’s fun to share with guests and requires no electricity (it uses denatured alcohol in a lamp… sold separately). The negatives, it is slightly annoying to clean out after and only makes around 2 small cups of coffee at a time.

  4. Caroline

    Love it!
    I love it, a great bit of fun. The machine is sturdy and well made. The only draw back is you need clearer instructions, possibly with pictures. In the photos for it, you cannot see the filter cloth over the filter, so misleading. I would recommend.

  5. Arnaud

    pretty but very slow
    It works, but you better not be in a hurry. It takes about 20 minutes to brew. Though I suspect the burner or the wick could be upgraded to make it faster.Setup and cleanup are not the easiest either.So it’s mostly decorative, I guess.

  6. Brian Keith

    It’s really neat but not that great of quality for the price. The manual is even in extremely broken English.

  7. Trey

    I love the coffee maker over all it makes great tasting coffee, plus its fun to watch brew. My only complaint is that the description claimed it holds 5 cups and it definatly does not it holds maybe 2 max

  8. Cecilia

    So my initial order for this coffee maker was damaged in transit and never made it to me. Amazon was quick to offer me a refund and I used that to immediately place a new order. This time it got to me in one piece.First of all, it’s beautiful! I couldn’t unpack it fast enough (I also wanted to make sure it was not broken) and set it up. I quickly boiled the cloth filter and rinsed/washed the components (some of the packing styrofoam was clinging to the pieces) and filled the alcohol burner with 95% everclear. I then prepped it for coffee by grinding 40g of fresh beans and boiling some water in a kettle (it works faster with hot water) and lit the lamp. About five minutes later, I had a full, albeit small, pot of coffee.Omg… the flavor! The coffee was strong, yet smooth. There wasn’t a hint of bitterness in my cup at all. In fact, I tend to be a sugar and cream kind of coffee drinker and I decided to sample it black just to see how it tasted by itself and I realized I could enjoy this coffee all by itself! This is a first for me, folks. Like, seriously!All in all, I am very happy with this purchase and I look forward to treating myself to a delicious cup with this baby from now on.

  9. Errol G Rohr

    The Belgian Coffee Maker is a beautiful piece of art and a lot of fun to use. I have use other syphon coffee makers but this one is the most novel. I am experimenting with the proper proportions of coffee to water at the moment. The proportion suggested by the maker is not to my liking. However, syphon coffee is one of my favorite ways to make my morning coffee.

  10. Amazon Customer

    I knew I have to get one of this after tasting and watching how this art piece brews a delicious cup in my colleague s house- warming party. You can t imagine the excitement I was in when I finally received this. It looks very classy and much prettier than in the pictures. The rose gold chrome finished is flawless with its beautiful wood base. Overall the device quality is excellent.++ Lovely gourd shaped fulcrum s base. Nice COFFEE emblem on the counter weight. U handle make it easy to move around. But always carry the spirit burner separately.++ The whole device is very stable with it sturdy wooden board base that houses the spirit burner, Brews and Boiler flask.++ Uses no electrical power. So even when the power is out, there will be no problems for me in sipping a cup of awesome coffee.++ Brewing is semi-automatic. The spirit burner will shut itself off so you do not have to baby sit it while its brewing.++ This device is pretty easy to operate and brewing coffee with it is fun and entertaining. To improve your technique, you can get a lot of operation information for this device on the web, although it came with an easy to understand English manual.++ Brewing and Boiler flasks are made of borosilicate glass and stainless steel. Both materials are easy to handle and is a breeze to clean.++ A great conversation starter and has make all my coffee loving friends jealous! It has truly earned itself a place on the dining table.I love this coffee maker. I use it 2-3 times for almost every day. It makes a very smooth cup of coffee and is always fun to watch. It will take about 15 minutes to get your delicious coffee at max capacity of 500ml for 2 good satisfying cups. This is one of the best systems I have ever used. With the same coffee beans, the brews clearly taste better with this than with an electric coffee maker.For me, this coffee maker is worth every penny spends. I will recommend it without hesitation to anyone looking for a new coffee maker.

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